Snag Sweet Deals on Fresh Fruit

So I was running up my steps with a monster bag of juicy tomatoes in one hand and about four varietals of plums in the other when I ran into my next door neighbor. “Did you hit the Ferry Building?” she asked. “No, the Farmer’s Market,” I said. “You know, the one at Stonestown.” “Oh, right,” she replied, “I always forget about that one. Is it any good?”

Well, here we are about a mile away from serious stone fruit steals and it occurs to me that sometimes we need a little reminder that the Ferry Building isn’t the only farm-to-fork game in town. Located in the ginormous parking lot next to the UA Theater (with tons of parking available in the Stonestown Galleria parking lot across the street) on Sundays from 9am-1pm, this year-round pop-up market offers fresh produce, organic meats, baked goods, dumplings, crafts, shall I go on?? In addition to my fresh haul, I ended up with two types of handcrafted teas by Tea Smiths–Citrus Hybiscus and a crazy good minty tea that’s supposed to act like natural gatorade (sold!).

Not nearly as big as the Ferry Building Farmers Market, Stonestown still offers a serious selection only with an easy in-and-out convenience that’s just totally incongruous with a 20- minute MUNI trip and food lines that can easily take just as long. That said, if you have the time and want to make a morning out of it, there are lively musicians (sometimes donning purple sequins before you’ve had your first cup of coffee), bouncy houses and prepared food stalls to help you round out the event. Located in one of the flattest parts of the city, the Stonestown Farmers Market makes for the perfect biking or walking destination as well.

Right now, the market is teeming with ripe, juicing tomatoes, bright yellow corn on the cob, and the most aromatic peaches, plums and nectarines ever! Think easy eats at great prices. Get there early in the morning for the best selection, but arrive just before closing and you just might get lucky on the best deals in town. (Seriously, I snagged a bag of five organic tomatoes for something like $2, just because they needed to be used right away!) Oh, and if your trip to the Farmer’s Market just isn’t complete without a ride on the MUNI, just take the M outbound and hop off when you see the mall. Walk west a block or so and start sampling some of the best seasonal produce around.

Stonestown Farmers Market (415) 472-6100


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