Shop for Arts Sake

The feint drizzle and grey skies art not going to stop 40 professional artists from showing their wares on the sidewalks of West Portal this weekend. And that's a good thing. On my way into Zephyr this morning and I was blown away by one ceramics designer in particular, but that's only because I had... Continue Reading →

Snag Sweet Deals on Fresh Fruit

Well, here we are about a mile away from serious stone fruit steals and it occurs to me that sometimes we need a little reminder that the Ferry Building isn’t the only farm-to-fork game in town.

Check Out the Hardware Scene

You know how when you come up with some weekend household project--maybe putting up some new shelves--you hit the Home Depot with a list of all the things you’ll need, you find them right away and the project comes out perfectly the first time you try? Right, neither do I. That’s why places like Papenhausen Hardware are priceless!

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