Slurp Some Soup Dumplings

If you think that the restaurant choices in West Portal are limited to its namesake street, you’ve got it all wrong. Make your way through that little tunnel and continue on the L Taraval til 28th street. Now we’re talking!

On the South side of the street you’ll see a couple of wooden chairs and a line forming outside of a tiny little storefront. You have arrived.  Kingdom of Dumplings is small, but mighty. Churning out hundreds of bite sized morsels that have absolutely no business being as delicious as they are.

Go ahead and get sticky chicken wings, chow mein or some kind of pancake as well, but if you leave without at least a half dozen soup dumplings down the hatch, you’ve completely missed the point. They don’t take reservations and have about 5 tables (seriously!) so get there early or during off hours. 2pm on a Sunday is my secret time.

Kingdom of Dumpling 1713 Taraval St, San Francisco, CA 94116 (415) 566-6143

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  1. green beans are also good. if you can’t stand the wait, go a few blocks west and cross to the north side of the street…there’s the place where the dumplings are actually made – you can buy bags of frozen for cheap cheap cheap. it’s great to have in the freezer when you need a quick dinner. one bag of 18 shrimp dumplings and one bag of 18 porky ones, and 4 people are fed for about $13…


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