Do you get paid to mention the businesses in your blog? No. This is not a commercial endeavor and I have not been approached by any of these businesses to sing their praises.

It seems like you only write positive stuff? Isn’t that a little one sided? Look. I love living in West Portal. This blog is a celebration of this part of the city that often goes overlooked in the travel guidebooks, the press and by families moving to San Francisco from out of town or even those moving from another part of the city. My goal is to create a West Portal neighborhood blog that brings attention to some of the best shops, food, schools, outings, entertainment and community activities in and around the area. I’m not trying to be a Pollyanna, but I’ll leave complaints, gripes, put-downs and bashing for someone else’s blog. Just saying’.

Did you grow up in San Francisco? I grew up in New Jersey and made my move to San Francisco when I was in my early 20’s. At this point I’ve lived here longer than anywhere else.

What makes you such a West Portal expert? I’ve been in West Portal since 1999 and have seen the neighborhood change and grow. In addition to being a local West Portal real estate agent, I have 2 kids that attended Miraloma Elementary School nearby and dozens of kids’ activities, programs, teams, etc. I was on the PTA board at Miraloma for 5 years (as President for 2) and am really in tune with raising a family in San Francisco, particularly west of Twin Peaks. Combine that with my Jersey upbringing and I’m very opinionated as well!

I’ve got some ideas for your blog. Will you write about them? Sure. Send them over. I’m even up for guest posts. That said, I will not write about anything that I don’t absolutely believe.

This area sounds so fantastic. Can you help me find a place to live around here? Well sure! I’m a licensed Realtor® with Barbco–right here in West Portal– and I would love to help you find your ideal home. Please contact me and we’ll get started! (And if you need to sell your home in San Francisco and give someone else a chance, I can help with that too–but I’ll be sad to see you go:)).

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