About WestPortalish

In 1999, my then-fiancé and I embarked on a search for our first home. Pre-kids, pre-marriage, pre-everything as I know it today. Back then, nothing existed West of Twin Peaks–at least as far as our lives were concerned. We stumbled upon our home during a bike ride through the city and snatched up a piece of real estate with one of the best views of the Farallon Islands that I have ever seen within a half mile of the most incredible soup dumplings on the planet Earth.

Since then, everything has changed. We’ve gone from being single, to married-with-no-kids to young parents, to well, uh, regular ol’ parents. It turns out, this neighborhood of inconsequence continues to deliver. And it doesn’t go it alone.

WestPortalish is about the San Francisco neighborhoods of West Portal, Parkside, Forest Hill, Miraloma, Monterey Heights and whatever parts and pieces of the Sunset that I decide to throw your way. Will I stray further? We’ll see.

Whether you reside here already, plan to visit on vacation or are looking for that just right place to live, my hope is that you’ll find inspiration and insights and a few new things to see and do. And, if you find yourself falling for West Portal (and it’s surrounding areas) like I have, even better.

A writer at heart and Realtor by trade, this blog was designed to share my knowledge of the area in hopes of creating community and appreciation for a very real, lively and vibrant part of San Francisco.

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