Get Bullish on Bacon Burgers

So here I am about to write about the local burger joint lamenting that everyone’s going to think I’ve lost it because this place is neither new nor newsworthy. And then an incredible thing happened. A friend of mine asked me, “Have you every heard of the Bullshead? Is it any good?” “Are you kidding? That place rules!” was my spontaneous and honest reply.

OMG! Not everyone knows about it. Yes, she lives in the Sunset. Yes, she has kids. But somehow this hole in the wall on Ulloa has escaped her. And turns out that when I starting gushing about it’s deliciousness, I sort of fell in love all over again. Proving yet again that sometimes the best hidden gems are right in front of your nose.

Well, no one ever said this blog was about hidden gems or secret finds anyway. And that’s a good thing, because well, it’s no secret that bacon makes everything better. And no better place to saddle up to some crispy bacon on top of a hefty burger than Bullshead.

Must you get bacon when you go there? Heck no, but I’ve never been able to walk past the front door, smell the porky aroma and settle on another dietary option. No frills (unless you consider the Warriors gear surrounding the taxidermied bulls head on the wall, which does add a certain je ne sais quoi), the only touch of modern in this West Portal mainstay is the addition of buffalo meat to their burger selections.

The biggest choice you’ll make is ½ lb or 1/3 lb… from there, there are no mistakes. I mean, they do grind their burger meat on premises and all. As for sides? Chili cheese fries! Enough said. Veggies generally come in the form of a 70’s style salad bar, the lettuce, tomato and pickles on your burger or, uh…well, you’re really not here for veggies.

Bullshead, 840 Ulloa St, San Francisco, CA 94127 (415) 665-4350

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