Just Give In and Call It a Wrap

So here I was perusing the MLS at my desk with a little cup of strawberry yogurt and a shiny spoon. It seemed like a reasonable choice as I ran out of the house earlier that day. Of course, when the smell of garlicky lamb, herbs and grilled pita came wafting over from my neighbor’s desk, everything changed.

I’m not a dieter, but I really just didn’t want to waste my precious time shutting down shop to get lunch, but it was no use. When you fall victim to the incredible aroma of a Bursa lunch special, you could literally die trying to stave off the urge to order your own Kofte wrap. I was on the edge, and I lived to tell about it—barely.

Bursa has been a neighborhood staple on the West Portal strip for about a decade now, but oddly it’s never been part of my regular circuit. As I sit here and think why, I can’t even come up with a clever little zinger. I mean, my kids would dig it. It’s not terribly expensive. I now know they do take-out. And quite frankly, the atmosphere inside is pretty dang cute and stylish. So, my dear Bursa, I have nothing to say, but it’s me, not you. And if I grovel, will you take me back? (Well, here goes…)

The Kofte Wrap was my pick of the day and to say that it didn’t disappoint is obviously an understatement of bohemeth proportions. As if the lamb and beef sausage itself is not enough to keep you coming back (which it is), it’s wrapped in soft, warm flatbread that’s delicately grilled to crispy perfection. Add to that parsley, cucumber yogurt, fresh salsa and pickles. Yes, you heard me! Pickles! Whoever came up with that is just plain genius.

OK, so I’m only describing one dish. Can the others be nearly as praise worthy? Apparently, that’s a resounding “Yes!” Ever since I posted a FB pick I’ve been hearing comments far and wide about the Citrus Chicken Wrap, kebabs, and appetizers. You name it. Or just order it for Pete’s sake. Of course, it seems like I’m the only one in the neighborhood that hasn’t been following that simple advice all along.

Bursa Mediterranean Cuisine 60 West Portal, San Francisco, CA 94127 415-564-4006

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