Have a Toast to Home

What’s great about having your own blog is that you can totally change the rules as you go. Well, Westportalish was always a pretty vague geographic area, but today I’m kinda spilling further into the Inner Sunset than I originally intended, but trust me, this ones a game changer! Seriously, nine-month-old café, Home, on Noriega and 20th offers deceptively simple dishes all based around mind-blowingly delicious brioche that has you ooo-ing and ahh-ing with every bite.

This is not some esoteric place, nor is it ethnic or trendy. It’s what your mom might make for your breakfast if you had a super awesome chef mom and incredible leftovers spilling out of the fridge. Owners Annie Cheng and fiancé In Ho, came up with the concept based on the condensed milk toast that they grew up on as kids. So here’s how it works. They have this sick recipe for brioche that is baked fresh every day. Each menu item takes a thick slice of this already amazing delicacy and tops it off with some combo that makes you squeal with delight. Everything is made to order with primo ingredients.

There are five items on the regular menu besides pastries and a special of the day all for around $6 or less. My husband and son couldn’t stop talking about it after they stopped in for the buttered toast topped with bacon, corn, cheese and a fresh farm egg. (I can’t tell you why it took me a month to get back there since this is basically a list of all my favorite food groups, but it did.) Add to that their totally basic sounding cinnamon toast that is anything but (pictured above). I’m telling you, when you take a blowtorch to cinnamon sugar, it’s incredibly effective. Oh, and then there’s the De La Paz and Four Barrel coffee concoctions to wash it all down. For some, the beverage menu with its lavender latte and iced vanilla coconut mocha is reason enough for a visit. Honestly, we can’t even go there in one blog, but you get the picture.

Open from breakfast, lunch and, uh, toast-thirty for an afternoon snack, Home is well worth the mile and half trip from West Portal or any other neighborhood in SF for that matter. Even though there are only about a dozen shared tables in the place, right now you can just walk in, order and chow down within 15 minutes of arrival. Would I stand in line and wait half the day for a bite of their pesto chicken meatball toast? Shamefully, yes. But seriously guys, try to keep this one under wraps so I never have to!

Home Cafe 1222 Noriega St. San Francisco, CA

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