Make Time for a Blow Out

One of my closest friends from college is coming into town this weekend. I’ve got the dinner plans figured out and pondered a couple of touristy itineraries. So here I was thinking I was all done. Then, I received the call. “Is there anywhere I can get a good blow out before the wedding?” she asks. And when that question’s coming from the mouth of a Jewish, New Yorker with a background in the fashion biz, you don’t fuck around. Thank the hair gods that they blessed West Portal with Bloom sometime last year so I didn’t have to!

You see, while we’ve got more than our fair share of hair and nail salons on the main drag of West Portal, Bloom is exactly the thing she’s talking about. Whether you’re looking for a full blow out, a few curls or an up-do, this place offers upscale, luxurious treatments that even the pickiest diva would appreciate. And if you’re going to pay a few bucks to have someone take out the frizz and put style in its place, shouldn’t we all have these standards?

Owned and operated by Dawn Hahn, Bloom’s pink sparkly interior, complete with crystal chandeliers and comfy leather seats is the perfect pre-party. And in fact, while you’re welcomed to go it alone, gathering with a group of gals for a little primping sesh is always accommodated. For instance, what did we do with the 4 hours between my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah service and her party? Well, let’s just say it’s no secret that our hair is typically a little wilder than the photos will have you remember!

Services range from the reasonably priced basic blow out for $45 to a $65 half updo to full-on wedding hair for $200. And though blow outs are their specialty, they’ve got other offerings like make-up, blow-drying lessons (yup, you thought you knew, but…) and even monthly memberships. Warning: after 45 minutes in the hot seat, your hair may never look better. Until you schedule your next appointment, of course!

Bloom Blow Dry Bar 819 Ulloa St, San Francisco, CA 94127

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