Start the Summer with a Beach Day

So, I had a little problem with my sliding glass door. Well, since it is a door and it wouldn’t slide, I guess you could say it was a big problem. You see, the wheels had completely rusted out so they looked like little burnt cornflakes–not too mobile. I called Milgard as I thought I could get them to replace everything because they’re all life-time warranty and everything. Turns out that since I’m within 2 miles of the ocean and I installed a cheap old doggie door panel to boot, the warranty doesn’t apply. But here’s the thing: We’re just 2 short miles from the beach! Who cares about the sliding glass door?

When you stop to consider about what’s outside that door, it’s hard not to think you’ve hit the geographical jackpot. City on one side, the biggest body of water Mother Nature’s ever created within walking distance of the other. I mean, come on! Sure, we get a heavy dose of fog when the inland temps rise about 80, but look at it now. When the rest of the world starts back-to-school season, it’s as good as Summer in the avenues. With a 3 day weekend ahead of us, what better time to appreciate that the coast is so very close?

Now remember, the water is still very cold (except if you’re a 10 yr. old boy apparently) and the tide is strong, so I’m not suggesting that everyone will be comfortable diving right in. In fact, though my husband has attempted to outfit me with a wetsuit on many occasions, I still prefer enjoying Ocean Beach from the sand. Either way, there’s plenty to do a wee bit shy of 2 miles outside my back door (just as soon as I can open it!).

Since it’s clear that the surfers already know what to do out there, here are a few suggestions for us landlubbers:

  • Search for sea glass: Ocean beach is a veritable treasure trove. My daughter and husband obsess over this stuff and apparently the blue is the hardest to find.
  • Run the beach with your four legged friend: If you go just south of Sloat St. at low tide, you can actually walk all the way to Ft. Funston with your dog off leash. Head north and leash laws are in effect, but that’s between you, Fido and the guy with the badge.
  • Hop on a skim boarding: Less technical than surfing and warmer than boogie boarding, grab your 10 year old and find the most gradual shore break out there. Better yet, have him bring a friend and you can just sit with your book while they keep busy for hours!
  • Picnic on the dunes: Winds can change at any moment, so check on this one right before you go. If it’s all clear, a quick stop at the Submarine Center before you go is all it takes.
  • Look for whales: Blue Whale and Humpback season run from July-Oct/Nov. Dolphins and porpoises are also out there year round. Bring your telephoto lens so you’ve got something to show your friends on Facebook. Or, just enjoy your own little private showing.

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