Get Ready For Take-Off

There are many things that define a true SF native. Not the least of which is having a fond memory of tooling around on a jet plane in the middle of the Sunset. From what I gather, it’s sort of a club. One of which I’m not a member, but even as an outsider, I can certainly appreciate the scene it conjures up. (I mean, playing in the fuselage is not something we can do these days, right?)

As I understand it, here’s the deal once upon a time, from the 50-s to the early 90’s, Larsen Playground was the home to three grounded fighter planes on which kids, young and old, loved to climb, explore and play. As with all things back in the day, these structures may have been fun, but they lost their luster and lets just say they didn’t exactly meet the safety requirements of most city parks (let alone parents) these days. Well, with a nod to the past and a practicality steeped in the present, Larsen Playground is poised to reopen with a modern play structure, which includes an enormous concrete climbing plane for a new generation of city kids to enjoy.

On November 21st from 11-1pm, bring the whole family to this renovated playground between 19th and 20th avenue and Vicente and Ulloa for the grand reopening. I stopped by earlier today to see how it was coming along and workers were busy putting the finishing touches on the jet plane itself. The surrounding playground boasts a wide array of structures and attractions that youngsters are sure to crawl all over. As with all of the newer playgrounds in the city, a soft, rubbery surface lines the ground just in case all this airplane stuff inspires some “test flights” off of the structures as well.

After years of planning, looks like SF Rec and Park found a way to bring a little bit of old school SF fun back to the Sunset. Get the kids on board. With a little imagination, who knows where this plane will take them?

Larsen Playground 19th Avenue and Vicente, San Francisco

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