Give Greece a Chance

2 words: Lamb riblets. I mean you can talk about the fact that when you walk in to Orexi, it’s like you’ve just stumbled into THAT restaurant that only locals know about in the tiny Mediterranean town you’re visiting. Or you might mention that it’s clear they know you’re going to love every little morsel that comes your way because they’re not exactly overly congenial. But the truth is, there is no way anyone should walk out of Orexi without gnawing on at least 2-3 crisp, tender, bone-in morsels of meat. Am I making myself clear?

Of course, even if you shy away from meat altogether (and we can have a separate talk about that), the menu at Orexi is abundantly filled with simple preparations of seasonal delights that will blow you away. Opened in 2013, this West Portal neighborhood gem has truly become a destination dining experience.

Grilled octopus salad seasoned with lemon juice and served over greens, flamed baked white beans in rich tomato sauce and devilishly dreamy Moussaka layered with all the goods are just a smattering of their soul satisfying specialties. The grilled whole fish is not always on the menu, but when it is, you order it. Period. It’s cheaper than a plane ticket and easily transports you to the white sandy coastline of Mykonos.

While the atmosphere of Orexi is not exactly that of a high-end downtown restaurant, it’s modern, fashionable and well-designed. This authentic Greek family-run restaurant is exactly as it should be. Serving up fantastic food time and time again in a warm, comfortable setting with a terrific wine list to wash it all down, what more could you possibly want?

Orexi   243 West Portal Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94127   (415) 664-6739

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