Check Out the Hardware Scene

You know how when you come up with some weekend household project–maybe putting up some new shelves–you hit the Home Depot with a list of all the things you’ll need, you find them right away and the project comes out perfectly the first time you try? Right, neither do I. That’s why places like Papenhausen Hardware are priceless!

Real people that know how to do all of those things that grown ups with homes are supposed to know how to do run the place. They’re helpful, kind and creative. Sure you can get your keys duplicated, buy a new plunger and store up on lightbulbs at this West Portal longtime, but it’s so much more than that. This is a family run, independently owned business and it shows.

Even if you don’t have a project, or say, you’re just putting it off indefinitely, Papenhausen is worth a stop. Just check out their storefront window. Curated and redesigned regularly, empty boxes come together as robots, ball jars, ropes and other household items get in the game. When’s the last time you saw Lowe’s do that?

And for those that don’t even pretend that they’ve got a fix-it bone in their body, this little hardware store that could, really does have something for you too. The gift, kitchenware and gadget section of the store is right up front. No need to even walk past those scary tools and intimidating adhesives. Instead, you’ll find handmade soaps, thick cotton kitchen towels and a water bottle and SodaStream section that just kills. (So I guess we all know where they stand on hydration!)

Can you call a hardware store precious? Oops, looks like I just did.

Papenhausen Hardware 32 West Portal Ave., San Francisco, CA 94127 415-681-6717

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